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Looking for the best headphones nowadays is not so straightforward, as there are plenty of different types and styles to choose from. Are you after the standard in-ear headphones, on ear headphones, wireless headphones or noise cancelling headphones? We will be doing our best to hopefully provide you with enough information to assist you with your decision making.

Headphones are pretty much used in our everyday lives, whether it’s commuting to work, long journeys, in the gym or just for home use. With so many different occasions where headphones can be used, you can see how involved we are with this amazing device therefore buying the most suitable one for yourself is crucial.


Finding The Best Headphones

As there is so many to choose from this can be quite a daunting task. If you follow these 3 steps, you should have a much clearer idea of what headphones you want.


What you will mainly be using it for?

Different types of headphones are usually designed for specific purposes. Here is a list of the main types of headphones and what it can ideally be used for:

  • Earbuds/In-ear headphones: Public transport, short plane journeys, running, walking, gym and reading.
  • On-ear headphones (Supra-aural): Public transport, plane journeys, walking and reading.
  • Over-ear headphones (Circumaural): Public transport, long plane journeys, gaming, music studio and general home use.


What type of headphones you prefer?

Although the different types of headphones shown above shows what it can be ideally used for, it is only a guideline. It’s also important you’re comfortable with the type of headphones you’re using. For example, you can use over-ear headphones for running if you feel comfortable doing so.

There are also other features you need to consider such as: Wireless, noise cancelling, built-in microphone, foldable, etc.

To help you get a better understanding we’ve wrote a full description along with the advantages and disadvantages of the different Types of Headphones.


What is your maximum budget?

The price of good quality headphones is not cheap so you need to decide how much you can afford. If you have a low budget but you’ll be using the headphones pretty much every day then it’s worth increasing your budget and paying that little extra.

Once you have decided what you will mainly be using for and what type of headphones you prefer, setting your budget should narrow down the options you have available and selecting the right one should be easier. But please be realistic when setting your budget.